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Additional Online Services

We have some excellent workshops and modules available for you online here. And here 

Due to the fact that the Government has put into Law that touch therapies, and other related health and wellness in person treatments were not allowed to open on 4 July 2020, as a business and with so much thought and reflection, I have made a decision to open the opportunity for people who have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy the 30 free sessions (equal to over 35 hours of my time which equates to roughly £1750 using my old rates) I have given to date, to donate an amount you see fit for every session you attend in the future, effective from 6 July 2020 going forward.  As many others continue to experience, my doors have to remain closed by Law “until further notice” with no timeline as to when we are all able to open. As my 1-1 in person treatments make up 98% of my income, I have decided to take this action, handing over the responsibility to you wonderful people, to pay what you feel.  If you are unable to afford to pay, thats okay too, and you are still welcome to attend the meditations. Free/Donation Monday Morning 11am and Evening 7pm Meditations online on FB and Zoom – Zoom links on Home Page.  Donations for these Free Sessions welcome via Paypal send to info@alirosen.co.uk (this email is ONLY for Paypal payments)

We have a series of over 30 FREE Meditation Podcasts available HERE

Tuesday Evening Meditations Zoom, WhatsApp, FB Messenger 7-8pm  £5/£10  Buy

1-1 Online (Landline, Mobile, FaceTime, IM, Zoom) Life & Wellness Coaching. Call for complimentary 30 minute chat.

Live Thursday 3pm Showcases:  Introducing extraordinary people in the Health & Wellness and related industries. FB: Ali Billings-Caisley



Update 6 July 2020

Hello!  Hope that you are all keeping well and safe. Whilst we always implement very high standards in our Clinic, we have enhanced our procedures since Covid-19, and have now Risk Assessments in place for all in-person treatments, not only for the treatment room, and other adjoining rooms & bathroom.  These include, but are not limited to

  • Patients/clients washing hands on arrival
  • Patients/clients wearing face coverings at all times whilst on premises
  • Patient Questionnaire to be completed prior to appointment, sent on confirmation of appointment, and an additional questionnaire to complete upon arrival.

See our Covid-19 update to see a list of all the Enhanced Procedures

Ali has just completed an Accredited and  Enhanced Infection Control Course