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Yes – We ARE Still open!!

We are running a limited in person service at the moment, we are healthcare providers and thus are able to remain open for treatments.  We practice the FULL PPE protocol and upon arrival you will need to scan the NHS Track and Trace QR Code.  Alternatively if it is not possible to download this app on your phone, you are required to complete a Covid-19 questionnaire on every visit.  We have a thermometer (no contact) that we may also use upon your arrival.   This is all protocol.

We are still OPEN online too 🙂  Offering all our workshops, training, coaching online on most social media platforms.

Safety of all our patients, ourselves and our families,  is paramount.

Additional Online Services

We have some excellent workshops and modules available for you online here. And here 

Due to the fact that the Government has put into Law that touch therapies, and other related health and wellness in person treatments were not allowed to open on 4 July 2020, as a business and with so much thought and reflection, I have made a decision to open the opportunity for people who have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy the 30 free sessions (equal to over 35 hours of my time which equates to roughly £1750 using my old rates) I have given to date, to donate an amount you see fit for every session you attend in the future, effective from 6 July 2020 going forward.  As many others continue to experience, my doors have to remain closed by Law “until further notice” with no timeline as to when we are all able to open. As my 1-1 in person treatments make up 98% of my income, I have decided to take this action, handing over the responsibility to you wonderful people, to pay what you feel.  If you are unable to afford to pay, thats okay too, and you are still welcome to attend the meditations. Free/Donation Monday Morning 11am and Evening 7pm Meditations online on FB and Zoom – Zoom links on Home Page.  Donations for these Free Sessions welcome via Paypal send to info@alirosen.co.uk (this email is ONLY for Paypal payments)

We have a series of over 30 FREE Meditation Podcasts available HERE

Tuesday Evening Meditations Zoom, WhatsApp, FB Messenger 7-8pm  £5/£10  Buy

1-1 Online (Landline, Mobile, FaceTime, IM, Zoom) Life & Wellness Coaching. Call for complimentary 30 minute chat.

Live Thursday 3pm Showcases:  Introducing extraordinary people in the Health & Wellness and related industries. FB: Ali Billings-Caisley



Update 6 July 2020

Hello!  Hope that you are all keeping well and safe. Whilst we always implement very high standards in our Clinic, we have enhanced our procedures since Covid-19, and have now Risk Assessments in place for all in-person treatments, not only for the treatment room, and other adjoining rooms & bathroom.  These include, but are not limited to

  • Patients/clients washing hands on arrival
  • Patients/clients wearing face coverings at all times whilst on premises
  • Patient Questionnaire to be completed prior to appointment, sent on confirmation of appointment, and an additional questionnaire to complete upon arrival.

See our Covid-19 update to see a list of all the Enhanced Procedures

Ali has just completed an Accredited and  Enhanced Infection Control Course

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday that hairdressers and barbershops can re-open from 4 July, the government has just published Close contact services: Guidance for keeping workers and clients safe in close contact services. In this guidance, it is stated that other businesses in England offering close contact services, including massage, wellbeing and holistic services, are to remain closed “until further notice”.
While we appreciate the government is continuing its efforts to control and monitor the spread of COVID-19, we also know how disappointing this news will be for so many of our patients and clients, who are in need of these treatments. And we, of course are keen to support you, our patients and clients again and earn some much-needed income! Please be assured that the FHT and other Therapy Bodies are collaboratively fighting on behalf of us Therapists through the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing with cross-industry collaborative letters to the government. We are continuing to offer a wide selection of Services, Life & Wellness Coaching, Workshops and Meditation & Mindfulness Groups and 1:1’s & Free Meditation Podcasts. Please go to www.alirosen.net/shop to take a look. Call or email, message or text. Lines are open ☀️ Stay safe and we will keep you updated. Thanks for your continued support and loyalty. Ali & Team.

COVID-19 Update 14 May 2020

Every single person, without exception, is coping with the pandemic and lockdown differently.  Please respect everyone and how they are individually coping.
When we are able to open, at the moment scheduled for 4th July 2020, which may change…here is information about what we are putting in place in order to protect YOU and us and our families and friends.
We may ask you these questions when you book your appointment with us:
·       Have you tested positive or had treatment for COVID-19?
·       Have you, or has anyone you are in close contact with, had any of the following signs or symptoms associated with coronavirus ( see BMJ report on the link at the top of this page)
·       Have you been strictly following the social distancing measures outlined by the government during COVID-19?
·       Did you check your temperature this morning and was it normal? (We may ask you to carry out a temperature check in front of us, using a forehead strip or ear thermometer which will be provided).
We will be, for new patients, providing online consultation forms to remove the need for handling paperwork and pens.
Before you leave we will encourage you to stay safe and to be vigilant in terms of any signs or symptoms that you or someone close to you may have COVID-19.
There is further support available att fht.org.uk/blog. If you feel your  mental health is suffering please consider using our Coaching Services: we offer talk therapies, and Health & Wellness Coaching.  We will be spacing appointments at our clinic allowing 60 minutes between patients in order to carry out
enhanced hygiene protocols; and ensuring that you aren’t leaving and the next patient is arriving at exactly the same time.
It is possible that the government and other authorities may change their guidance on certain matters, from who should be wearing what sort of PPE and in what contexts, to re-introducing social distancing measures if the number of people affected by COVID-19 rises again. Bear this in mind as we may have to change our working practice.
Q: Will you be comfortable to treat what the government defines as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘high risk’ clients, or those shielding someone who meets the criteria?
We will be treating high-risk patients as defined by government guidelines provided that all criteria above are met by you. You may be asked to sign an additional Waiver in order to receive your treatment. We will update this regularly.
What if you are a vulnerable person or uncomfortable about resuming work?
Enhanced hygiene measures
We already adhere to high standards of hygienic practice, as outlined in the FHT Code of Conduct and Professional Practice, which includes appropriately cleaning the hands and treatment area between clients.
However, in light COVID-19, it is important that we have put in place and have enhanced our current hygiene measures we already have in place.  This now includes:
·       front doorbell and knocker
·       handles, handrails and bannisters, where appropriate
·       light switches
·       toilet and sink area
·       chairs in our waiting area
·       pens
·       payment terminal – we will not be taking or handling cash. You may pay via BACS on site, or by debit and credit card.

We will be undertaking these checklists between each patient. We will have a printed checklist in order to show each patient our checklist when you arrive for treatment, we will also display this on our treatment room wall, we may include it in a special COVID-19 policy, to give you confidence in our enhanced hygiene and health and safety protocols.
We will also be providing complimentary masks and gloves for those of you who would like to use them.

Children’s Meditation & Mindfulness

Whilst in general terms, it is sometimes hard for children and teens to sit still long enough to learn how to be more mindful and meditate, we offer fun sessions using items around the home and their toys to create a new and relaxing and fun experience, where they actually do slow down, listen and stop.  We have had so much fun teaching this to young Brownie packs, as well as older teens of all ages.

It is very good for

  • calming their mind
  • helping with sleep
  • nightmares
  • dealing with outbursts of anger
  • helping focus
  • learning new ways to live their lives
    • Whilst parents get hooked at the same time, seeing the results of their children