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Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue & Wellness Massages

Aside from improving one’s mood, a massage also provides relief from aching muscles and joints, increases freedom of movement, and helps improve posture. Releasing tension in areas affected by bad postures, such as hunched shoulders and tightened jaws, frees up the energy you usually need to move or keep yourself upright.

It also increases circulation and boosts the flow of energy-producing nutrients to the cells, quickly and efficiently eliminating bodily wastes that make you feel achy and listless. Increased circulation is especially helpful in repairing tissues strained from medical issues such as chemical addiction and eating disorders.

For individuals that have been diagnosed with cancer and are struggling with the side effects of treatment, massage therapy offers a unique way to relax and restore your body. It easily complements medical treatment and supports recovery by reducing pain, lessening stress, and providing emotional relief. This is because people generally find that when medication fails to ease the pain, a massage helps.

There are various forms of massages that can loosen tense muscles, calm the nervous system, and reduce the discomfort brought by side effects like nausea, fatigue, and insomnia among others. Touch therapy has also been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system and promote the release of the body’s natural painkillers.

Sports/Remedial Massage

This is a regular treatment that is administered anywhere from one to four times a month. It provides relief from:

  • Frozen Shoulders
  • Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Tight Muscles
Deep Tissue Massage/NEW Meditation/Mindful Massage

A deep tissue massage breaks down scar tissue and relieves pain. It is ideal for alleviating neck, shoulder, and back pain as well as accelerating the return of mobility after injuries and operations. The new Mindful Massage combines some Meditative techniques to encourage complete relaxation during the treatment, and may include Aromatherapy.  This treatment is a deeply relaxing treatment and driving a vehicle is discouraged for about 15 minutes after the treatment.


Reflexology is a treatment administered to the feet. It helps unblock meridians in the body and release tension while highlighting various bodily disorders that the patient may not be aware of, ensuring speedy diagnosis and treatment. It is ideal to get this treatment every 4 weeks.

You may get this treatment as a combination of massage and reflexology, trigger point therapy or neuro-muscular technique (NMT). 

Infertility Reflexology/Infertility Acupuncture

I have a high track record of providing positive outcomes with these treatments,  to prospective parents who have tried other avenues without success. This treatment follows a strict protocol and provides a method with a high success rate.

Dry Needling/Acupuncture

 This treatment is usually combined with one of the other treatments, but is also administered as a stand alone treatment where necessary.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture   Click on this link to see our range of treatments.

Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops

Press the stop and autopilot button;  choose from a variety of Workshops and monthly Meditation and Mindfulness 1 hour group sessions, where you can learn and experience methods, techniques, and more to make your daily life something to look forward to, and more manageable.  Science has proven that regular  Meditation can improve symptoms of stress and anxiety, support and help people with addictions, ranging from eating, smoking, drugs, OCD,  and helps people improve sleep, helps lower blood pressure, can help with focus and attention. Check out our Workshop page for more information and booking.

Life & WELLNESS Coaching Sessions

Life is tough, and there are moments that can make us feel stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, distracted, doubtful, and a whole lot of other unpleasant emotions. However, talking to a professional can help you clear your mind of negative emotions and painful experiences. I am here to help you refocus and move forward in life.

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Encompassing a range of treatments available to support the health and wellness of Body, Spirit & Mind.

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